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Everyday in my office I meet patients with significant dental problems. Many of them not only feel toothache, or have a problem with eating, but simply are ashamed to smile.

Thanks to modern methods in dentistry we can achieve amazing results. Using the surgical, orthodontic and prosthetic solutions we can restore your beautiful smile, eliminating pain and discomfort during eating. Today we can make you want to smile again.

See our patients

Thirty year-old patient for many years avoided visits to the dentist. Because of this, unfortunately, it was necessary to extract some of the upper teeth. Deficiencies were completed with prosthetic bridges.

Forty year-old patient due to a genetic defect of the enamel and the gnashing of teeth lost part of tooth tissue. Additionally because of cigarette smoking her teeth were significantly discolored. With prosthetic crowns patient regained her beautiful smile.


35-year-old patient lost her upper front teeth because of paradontosis. After 4 months of wearing the temporary bridge and after healing gums we have made dental bridge, which rebuilt the anterior dental arch.


35-year-old patient wanted to completely change the look of his teeth. We used zirconium crown.


25-year-old patient after cleft lip and palate. In the past, she had made orthodontic treatment, but it did not bring the desired results. We used prosthetic crowns, which caused that now for the patient every reason to smile is good!


60-year-old patient wanted to treat parodontitis and improve appearance of her teeth. We used splinting of her upper teeth with connected crowns. This gave the patient a new, beautiful smile, and also stabilized teeth with paradontosis. Her lower teeth will be treated later.

60-year-old patient wanted to improve appearance of her teeth. One of the front teeth had to be removed. We used crowns and bridges as well as cleaning and whitening.

60-year-old patient wanted to complement the lack of teeth and improve appearance of the front teeth. We used zirconium bridges and ceramic veneers, which gave a beautiful and natural effect.

60-year-old patient suffering from parodontitis wanted to complement missing teeth and improve the appearance of his front teeth discolored by tobacco smoke. In his case, we did not apply veneers, but connected crowns, which also splinted teeth with periodontitis. In the lower arch we did bridge.

50-year-old patient wanted to add the missing teeth and improve the color and shape of the upper teeth. We carried out the treatment by making bridges, crowns and ceramic veneers, so that the patient regained his beautiful smile and correct occlusion.


30-year-old patient wanted to rebuild the tooth after falling out of the old filling. We performed composite reconstruction during one visit.

30-year-old patient was not satisfied with the shape of her upper incisors. We used a non-invasive (no drilling) composite reconstruction, which made her teeth seem more straight.

60-year-old patient wanted to replace the old prosthetic restorations and complete the missing teeth. He did not want perfectly straight teeth. We performed two-stage treatment with crowns and bridges, the final effect is visible in the photo.

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